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Nowadays, who doesn’t carry their smartphone on their bike? Take photos, check the route, even record it in real time with Strava. If you are looking to integrate your mobile phone into the bike, one of the best options on the market is undoubtedly the Quad Lock handlebar mount. In this article we analyze it together with its compatible iPhone case (available for all major brands) and a protective cover against rain and dust called Poncho.

The history of Quad Lock

Developed in Australia by Chris Peters and Rob Ward, Quad Lock integrates a patented two-stage locking mechanism that securely locks the mobile phone to the holder. Another advantage is that it is extremely quick to put on and take off with one hand.


The product was launched on the market in a novel way, using the power of the Internet and crowdfunding. Quad Lock hit Kickstarter in December 2011, far exceeding its funding target, and receiving a barrage of glowing reviews from across the cycling community. The rest you already know, an exponential growth for more than 10 years, with sales of millions of products around the world, which makes it one of the great startup success stories of recent years. Will it have something good to sell so much right?

Quad Lock Bike Kit

The brand has kits for various sports, but we focus on the cyclist, of course. Here’s our let’s say «starter pack»:


These 3 products fully cover the range of cycling use:

  • Out Front Mount: the fixed handlebar mount, with 3 different silicone adapters to be able to mount it in 4 thicknesses (35 mm, 31.8 mm, 25.5 mm, 22.2 mm). There are other mounts for handlebars or stem, but we prefer this one for its beautiful aesthetics.
  • iPhone Case: the case compatible with our iPhone model (also available for any other mobile phone). It integrates the Quad Lock anchor and allows it to be installed comfortably.
  • iPhone Poncho: the protective cover against water, dust or other elements, for our gravel or mountain bike rides.


The casing is of high quality, with a good finish and a material that offers great protection to the terminal:


Inserting the smartphone is simple and it only remains to anchor the bracket to the handlebar, using the rubber ring indicated according to diameter, and tighten the screw to a maximum of 3 Nm:


The set is perfectly anchored and integrated into the handlebar:


Both to dock and undock the mobile, press the blue lever, inserting the smartphone at a 45º angle, as with any cycle computer, and turning it until it is oriented vertically:


We can also, with a little skill as it will cover the extraction lever, place the mobile horizontally:



After several test drives, our opinion of the Quad Lock mount couldn’t be better. All materials are robust and with a quality touch, offering very good protection to the terminal and a secure grip. Due to the design of the system, it is practically impossible for the smartphone to be released while running, which leaves us very calm.

Riding with the mobile integrated offers many advantages instead of carry it in the jersey pocket, not only in terms of safety, but also in terms of comfort and use of applications such as Cannondale, which communicates with the sensor integrated in the wheel and allows us to see data in real time such as speed, distance, etc.

A really practical device with a fantastic design. Highly recommended.

Good route!

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