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The GOBIK Absolute 4.0 bib short is a garment designed to offer professional performance in training, outings and competitions. It is located in the manufacturer range one notch below the top model, Gravity, but you will see that in fact it is very close.

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Release 4.0

Yes, we are facing the fourth version of this model, presented for the 2020 season, it remains for 2021 adding new colours, navy blue and army green.


Maintaining its successful structure and elegant and sober design, it has received improvements to optimize ergonomics and guarantee greater comfort and fit. The straps, the lumbar part and the abdomen area are new. It also integrates an iridescent detail on the lower left strap.



Like its brother for winter, the straps are new in this version. They are made from new material, very elastic and are wider to avoid excessive pressure:


At the same time, the lumbar area where they connected has been modified, extending the height to optimize the position on our body:


The abdomen area increases its height and positions the straps further inward, so that they coincide exactly vertically with the inside of the shoulders:



Lycra is very light and at the same time compressive, facilitating blood circulation during exercise and delaying fatigue. The outer face features a cross-patterned design that improves the aerodynamic flow of the garment:



They are of good width, laser cut and present the brand’s logo on the right leg and an iridescent detail on the left:


Its inner face is covered with silicone micro inserts, to adjust perfectly to our leg, without noticing excessive pressure:



Until the launch of the Gravity model with the K12, the K10 pad on this Absolute was the top of the range for the Spanish manufacturer. It is light, of medium thickness (11 mm) and with good density:


GOBIK uses the pads of the Italian specialist Elastic Interface, a reputed manufacturer with one of the best technologies in the sector and with OEKO-TEX® certifications (we are sure to use safe cycling pads free of chemicals harmful to health) and BLUESIGN® (certification of materials and fabrics that respect the planet).

The K10 is made with EIT ECO CARBONIUM FLASH fabric, which combines:

  • Structure with channels on two levels: provides good sweat control. The first channel picks it up and directs it downward, while the second channel removes it.
  • Carbon thread: with antistatic and bacteriostatic properties, which generates an extremely soft and highly breathable fabric.

On Route

We have tested the Absolute 4.0 bib shorts on long-distance routes lasting 5-6 hours and positive ascend of 2,000 m. The good initial impressions when wearing it are further established on the road. We really liked the feeling of compression and good fit that its fabric has, giving this touch that we miss in cheaper culottes, where the lycra is a simple covering of the leg. The thigh fit is impeccable, with oversized elastics that distribute the pressure and you don’t even notice you’re wearing them. And regarding the length of the leg, it is excellent, with a long sizing that cover us completely and avoids having to be «lowering» the shorts.


The straps are extremely comfortable, with fantastic width and elasticity. You forget that feeling that they stick from other garments, you do not have to be flattening the part of the shoulders to avoid great pressure. The different placement around the chest is also noticeable, going more towards the armpits, in this way they do not penalize our breathing when we are at full capacity. These are things you don’t realize until you try them.


We already knew the chamois from its winter version and we have little to say about it. It does not rub, it does not move, it cushions with precision and it remains dry the entire route. A true gem, only perhaps surpassed by the K12 version and its perfect fit to the cycling physiognomy.


This is a true culotte that devours kilometers for long-distance routes, demanding training, competitions or, if you indulge, daily training. Few buts occur to us for the excellent performance in all aspects and its good price.

To guide you in the sizing, for my measurements 1.90 m (74″) in height and 77 kg (169 lbs) in weight, the XL size is perfect for me, although you could also use the L if you like to go very very tight and prefer a shorter leg length, that does not cover so much.

Good route!

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