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In this post: review and opinion of the GOBIK Mist Jam 2021 jacket.

New at GOBIK for the winter season 2021-2022 (Cold Series 2122), Mist is a light jacket (300 g size L) with a temperature range of 5-15 ºC, which places it between Skimo Pro and Supercobble. Its front panel and sleeves are resistant to wind and light rain, which adds extra protection. It comes in 2 colors for the male version and 1 color for the female version:

  • Mist Jam, man, with black body and red gradient sleeves.
  • Mist Creek, man, with black body and sleeves in olive green gradient.
  • Mist Seagrass, woman, with black body and light green sleeves.

Let’s see how this newcomer performs.

Do not misscomparison of the GOBIK winter garments, you can see all the models ordered by temperature of use, protection against wind and rain.


Light, but pretentious

Mist completes the GOBIK range of jackets with a lightweight model, for those who cycle in intermediate temperatures or do demanding training, where a heavier and warmer garment like Skimo Pro can be too hot. In all cases, the user will gain protection against wind and rain, thanks to the use of 3-layer laminated fabric and a water-resistant DRW treatment (8000 mm column).


Mist in detail

We begin our detailed review from the front. The collar of the jacket is well resolved, with an elastic piece at the back, which allows to adapt to different complexions and a good thickness that favors the position on the bike when we are looking for aerodynamics:


The inner lining is plush on the back, of a medium thickness, very similar to that found in the Cobble and Supercobble jerseys, it will ensure good thermal comfort. The front part is lighter:


The SBS zipper closes perfectly, being quite sealed, which will prevent the entry of wind. It has a side flap, covering the upper part, which will prevent chafing and increases comfort:


The lower part of the zipper is finished off with another placket, avoiding friction on the shorts or undergarments:


The sleeves include a laser cut insert on the cuffs, which offers a great fit and is easily inserted inside the glove. The fabric of the arms gains a lot of elasticity, as it does not include the inner lining that other models have. This is a point that you should assess according to your thermal needs:


The entire lower internal part incorporates an elastic with silicone to avoid movements and adjust to the maximum:


Now it is the turn of the back, starting with the neck, where we see the central elastic that we discussed at the beginning and a reflective strip that improves our visibility. All the back fabric is very elastic and breathable:


The Rain Lab label appears on the side, indicating that it is a garment with rain-resistant fabrics:


The lumbar area features 3 quick-access pockets and is completed with a second reflective strip at the bottom:


Finally, on the side, a fourth mesh pocket further extends the carrying capacity:


On Route

We have tested Mist in cool, but not extreme, temperatures around 10ºC. We have found it to be a great garment for these conditions for several reasons:

  • allows you to leave the vest at home, as it is windproof.
  • It will free us from a light rain, thanks to its DWR treatment.
  • you gain freedom of movement, with a very elastic fabric.

If your riding profile is calm or with very cold temperatures, you will need the help of an inner layer like Merino or opt for a model with more padding like Supercobble or Skimo Pro.


The Mist fit is tighter than Supercobble or Skimo Pro for the same size, which together with its great elasticity, makes the garment look great, with hardly any pockets and with a very racing look. Keep this in mind if you plan to use it with several inner layers, because in that case you should ask without fear one size more than usual. The test garment of the pictures was size L (my measurements are 105 cm chest, 1.90 m height and 77 kg weight).


The court decision

In GOBIK they do not rest, they do not stop innovating with new materials and adjustments in their creations. Mist completes its winter range with a slim fit garment, for those who like the most aero fit possible. Its elasticity, lightness and treatments against wind and rain make it comfortable and versatile. It will allow us to leave the vest at home and go out to ride hard without feeling overwhelmed by heat.

Good route!

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