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In this article: Review and opinion of the GOBIK Pluvia 2021 jacket.

Pluvia is a novelty for this fall-winter season at GOBIK (Cold Series 2122). It is a unisex jacket or raincoat, with a minimalist construction and an ultralight weight (103 g size M). Its purpose is to serve as an emergency garment for the sudden weather changes that usually occur in autumn / spring. It is offered in a single dark color called True Black. In this review we are going to tell you all its details.

Rain? Yes thanks.


An essential garment

In seasons as changeable as autumn or spring, it is essential to check the weather forecast, and if it is unstable, not missing a raincoat in your equipment, it can save you from more than one problem. The Pluvia jacket has been designed for this purpose.

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It is a minimalist garment, very light and that takes up very little space, but at the same time, with a very high capacity to block rain, with 10000 mm of resistance to column of water, an excellent value for its weight. At the same time, it also has a great drying capacity, which will quickly leave it as new as soon as it stops raining.


Before looking at it carefully, a warning: GOBIK only recommends its use on the road, because if we spend it in other disciplines such as mountain biking, it is very likely that some branch will rub or tear it.


As soon as we take it out of the box, we are struck by its high quality of finish, something usually at GOBIK, but it still surprises us in such a minimalist garment. We can see how all its seams are heat-sealed, so that water does not penetrate inside:


The zipper, signed by the SBS brand, is of high quality, completely sealing the water inlet when it is closed. It is also reflective, increasing our visibility at night. Here we see in detail the upper part with a protection to avoid friction on our neck:

The lower part also protects the bib tights or jersey:


The sleeves have a good fit, suiting perfectly to our cuffs and with a reinforced lower area to avoid deterioration in contact with the handlebar:


The entire waist has an elastic that fits the jacket perfectly to our body:


The classic Rain Lab emblem appears on the back, it is shown in all the garments with «anti-rain» properties of the Spanish brand:


Finally, the detail of the lumbar area, with openings that will help evacuate heat when we are going and a lower reflector to increase our safety and visibility:



It is just as important that a raincoat protects well from the rain, as that it can be folded and left as compact as possible when we do not use it. Pluvia has a pocket inside for this purpose:


That leaves the jacket perfectly folded to transport it comfortably in the pockets of our jersey:


On Route

It is a very comfortable garment to wear, due to its lightness and easy fitting. The adjustment is very good, with a perfect fit that neither stretches nor is too loose, which would be annoying at high speed. It seems incredible how such a thin layer can protect so well from the rain, and it does not drain anything. Now, if we wear it with a short-sleeved jersey and it is in contact with our skin, we will notice a sensation of cold on contact, but not of humidity.

We really liked how full of details it is, how easy it folds up and how quickly it dries when the rain stops. Undoubtedly an essential garment in the wardrobe of every cyclist that can save us the route on more than one occasion. In addition, we can also use it as a windbreaker and to gain thermal comfort on descents, so its usefulness is extended.

We’re never going to leave Pluvia at home, will you?

My size: 105 cm chest, 1,90 m height, 77 kg weight —> size L in Pluvia.

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