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In this article: review and opinion of the GOBIK Skimo Pro Dark Coal 2021 jacket.

The Skimo Pro jacket is GOBIK‘s top-of-the-rage garment for the cold season (Cold Series) with a wear temperature of 0-12 ºC. Designed for intense cold and light rain conditions, it uses Event FabricsDVstretch membrane to block wind and repel water. For this season 2021-2022 it receives several features and 3 new colors:

We wanted to do an analysis of this jacket, to see how it behaves in low temperatures and north wind. Will it protect us from the harshest of winters?

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DVstretch membrane

The Event Fabrics brand has been developing garments for sports in adverse weather conditions since 1999. Its DVstretch membrane is designed for moderate climates and demanding activity. It combines lightness, good stretching, protection against wind and great breathability. This is important because in an activity like cycling the ability to evacuate heat and sweat is key.

DVstretch eVent Windproof

Photo: Event Fabrics

Skimo Pro up close

We begin our review in detail with the upper front part, where we find a neck with a curved pattern to ensure good ergonomics on the bike:


The entire front and sleeves have a fabric with a built-in DVstretch membrane, which will protect us from the wind and light rain:


The SBS zipper is heat-sealed, and is finished with protective flaps at the upper and lower ends, to avoid friction:


On the inside, we appreciate a greater thickness of the padding compared to Supercobble, which will provide us with greater warmth:


New for this 2021 version is the incorporation of a textured lycra piece on the inside of the sleeves, which provides a better fit and breathability:


The cuffs keep the excellent laser cut textured fabric, which fits perfectly and fits very well to the inside of the gloves:


The entire lower rear part has a large silicone insert, which will provide a good fit and seal the entry of wind. And in the inner lumbar area there are 3 internal mesh pockets:


Going to the back, we see that the fabric is different from the front panels. Its objective is to perspire as much as possible, to evacuate all the heat generated during the activity. In the upper area a reflective strip helps to increase our visibility in low light conditions:


In the lumbar area, together with a second reflective strip, there is the well-known GRS (Gobik Retention System), an innovative patented system that will store our belongings in the safest and most comfortable way:


And as a good extra, which cannot be missing from this model, a fourth zippered side pocket is included:


On Route

We have tested Skimo Pro on really cold days, with temperatures of 2 °C first in the morning. For these outings, we have completed the already good protection of the jacket, with a Merino first layer, with which we gain excellent thermal comfort and breathability. The combination of the two garments could not be better and the fit is fantastic, with great comfort, without feeling stuffy with it:


It is at these temperatures where a jacket like Skimo Pro makes the difference compared to lighter garments like Supercobble, cataloged by GOBIK with good success as jerseys. And the fact is that the extra thickness of its padding and the heat-sealed zipper are noticeable, making it much warmer and resistant to cold and wind. Its protection against the latter is excellent thanks to the DVstretch membrane.


Finally, we highlight the great load capacity that it has thanks to the multiple exterior and interior pockets, something very welcome in winter, when it is usual to carry a bandana, gloves, raincoat, boot covers… We have many places where we can store these garments if temperatures improve.

Our verdict

Details make the difference, and at GOBIK they abound everywhere. In its top-of-the-range jacket you can see the good work of the brand, with a product of enormous quality, where each fabric panel is created with care, choosing the fabric that will have the best performance and adaptation.

With this jacket, some good gloves and a bandana, we are sure that you can face the coldest outings of the year with full guarantee. Its difference with respect to Supercobble is palpable, there are 100 g more padding on the front, which leaves a total weight in size L of 430 g. The extra protection of its membrane, flaps and heat-sealed zipper is remarkable too. In short: an essential garment for cold climates.

As for sizing, it is always advisable with winter garments to go looser, to be able to use extra undergarments. In my case, at 105 cm chest, 1.90 m and 76 kg, I use size L.

Good route!

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