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Since its launch in the 2018 season, Attitude has been GOBIK‘s premium jersey. For this summer 2021, it receives new adjustments, fabrics and colors, maintaining its essence: an ultralight, aerodynamic garment with details and finishes of the highest level.

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Attitude is a unisex model with 2 versions or colors for sale on the Warm Series 21 season:

  • Dallas, with a combination of white, cobalt blue and wine red.
  • Greenland, in white and soft green.
  • Hydra, in a degraded blue.

In this article we analyze the Dallas version in depth. Let’s go there.


A premium jersey

Without a doubt, Attitude is the brand’s TOP jersey. It is not the lightest (130 g size M), an honor that the Carrera boasts, but it is the one that offers more quality details. With this model, GOBIK wants to show its full potential, something that is noticeable when you hold it in your hands.

Starting with a general view, the combination of colors and lines is spectacular, with a highly stylish, elegant and colorful design, something common in the Spanish manufacturer:


The front fabric of the jersey is semi-dense, with a diagonal pattern and a lot of stretch. It has been designed prioritizing aerodynamics, which is also favored by the minimalist zipper, totally hidden:


The lower part integrates a flap to avoid friction of the zipper with the shorts, a great detail. We also appreciate a new silicone band in the rear area:


The fabric of the sleeves is made of a textured mesh, which favors the dissipation of air. Its length is generous and the laser-cut elastic is shorter than the Carrera and CX PRO models:


The back part presents another type of fabric, with a microperforation to dissipate and perspire as much as possible, in an area not as exposed to the wind as the front part and sleeves:


At the bottom, the magnificent GRS (Gobik Retention System) ensures a high load capacity and excellent retention. We simply haven’t seen better pockets for a jersey. As if that were not enough, we have a fourth zippered side pocket:


In short, a highly-made garment, with a multitude of details that do not go unnoticed and great care in the selection of materials to get the most out of each area of the jersey.

On route

We have tested Attitude on demanding road and gravel routes, lasting more than 4 hours, with temperatures between 25-30 ° C (77-86 ºF). What has caught our attention the most is the extraordinary fit of the garment, something that we already predicted a priori when we knew that it belongs to the manufacturer’s Ultra Fit cut. It is a jersey that does not make bags and remains attached to our body like a second skin, allowing maximum perspiration and evacuating our sweat to the outside.


Comparing it to the Carrera, another member of the select GOBIK Ultra Fit club, this Attitude strikes us as more road-going, not so specific, thanks to the inclusion of a multitude of pockets and a bet on aerodynamics that is not so drastic. For example, we would wear the Carrera for a short 2-3 hour competition or a time trial, and the Attitude for a demanding Gran Fondo route or a marathon gravel day.


Our opinion

The Attitude is a grand tour jersey, with the utmost care for details and performance that GOBIK prints on its most TOP garments. Its very tight cut is not uncomfortable, since the great elasticity of the fabrics makes us enjoy great freedom of movement. A magnificent load capacity ensures that we do not lack for anything on long days on the bike. Without a doubt, we are facing a model that is difficult to improve, it has everything and it does everything well. What more could you want?

Regarding sizing, if you are a regular of the brand, take into account its Ultra Fit size and value ordering your usual size or one more, depending on your tastes for being tight. In our case with 1.90 m, 76 kg and 103 cm of chest, size M is perfect not to make a small bag.

Good route!

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