GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 short sleeve jersey


GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 2022 Short Sleeve Jersey Maillot Manga Corta

In this article: review and opinion of the GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 short sleeve jersey

GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 is the new version for Warm Series 22 (summer 2022 range) of one of the most iconic jerseys from the leading Spanish brand in cycling clothing. This year comes with a complete reinterpretation of the model, distributing its panels and fabrics seeking to improve aerodynamic performance and offering a more stylized and minimalist look. It comes in a unisex version with 9 colors to choose from:

Last year it was one of the jerseys that we enjoyed the most on the blog, perhaps because of that fantastic balance between performance and daily use that it allows. Let’s see if this new version performs just as well.

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GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 2022 Berry Streak

The reference reinvents itself

If there is a jersey known and loved in GOBIK it is without a doubt the CX PRO. Historically it has been one of the most sold and requested models by the regulars of the brand from Yecla (Spain). The reasons? Without reaching the features of more advanced jerseys, it has managed to combine their best qualities with a contained price. On the other hand, it has always received many more versions or colors than other models, which also helps to better fit the tastes of more users.

For these Warm Series 22 it receives many different styles, with 6 versions of the classic line and 3 of the new Streak and Claim lines, new this year and which give greater prominence to horizontal stripes or with motifs that attract attention. As always, the menu of designs and colors is very extensive, and any user, male or female, will find one that they are passionate about.

GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 2022 Berry Streak

But the real novelty of this version 2.0 is the reformulation of its panel structure. The front panel has been enlarged at the bottom, making the side go into the back pockets. In this way the air flow is directed towards the lower part of the back, optimizing aerodynamics. As a second advantage, the garment is more tailored and stylized, with a design that attracts attention and that we liked a lot.

CX PRO 2.0 in depth

We start our in-depth tour of this fantastic jersey with an overview of two models: Cranberry with its red tones and gradients, which keep the classic GOBIK line the order of the day, and Berry Streak, a great representative of this new line of design, where the horizontal stripes take center stage and that in this version with a white background is spectacular:

GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 red and white

The neck area remains exactly the same as last year, with a V-shaped pattern and a very soft fabric that prevents friction and chafing. The hidden SBS zipper continues to offer a flawless finish and function, contributing to the minimalism of the garment:

GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 cuello y cremallera

The sleeves have the same length but the elastic fabric is modified, with a better appearance. They adapt very well to our arms and improve aerodynamics:

Mangas Sleeves CX PRO 2.0 GOBIK

The waist follows the same scheme as last year, no but with him. Double elastic and central silicone that fixes the garment and prevents it from moving:

GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 elástico cintura

In this photo we can see in detail how the side panel enters the back pockets, one of the novelties in the structure of this CX PRO 2.0:

GOBIK CX PRO 2.0 panel lateral

The patented GRS (Gobik Retention System) system cannot be missing, with its 3 rear pockets that magically adapt to all the load that we put in them without altering the fitting of the jersey:

Sistema GRS en GOBIK CX PRO 2.0

As always, the details and motivating phrases appear in different corners of the garment, a tradition of the manufacturer that seems great to us, as it gives its creations a special and epic air:

On route

Although the temperatures in the East of Spain are still not very summery at the time of writing this review, we have not missed the opportunity to test the new CX PRO 2.0 on various routes. Accustomed to the previous model, the first wear immediately catches our attention due to its great fit. The new structure adapts to our body like a glove, and the side and rear areas gain a lot visually.

Its 4 different fabrics achieve a very good adaptation by zones, keeping the front part very aerodynamic and perspiring throughout its back part. In addition, its comfort does not suffer, it remains a second skin, with a very pleasant touch that does not bother or move.

If CX PRO was a fantastic jersey, this year we are sure that it is going to be the absolute best seller, because added to its new fit we have a greater range of colors and designs than ever.

Final Verdict

It was the perfect jersey for daily use in training and routes of all conditions, but now it has a groundbreaking design and an even better fit. GOBIK has succeeded in this version 2.0 by renewing one of its fetish garments. There are more breathable models, others with more technology, but CX PRO has a great balance that makes it stand out on its own. Without a doubt, it will continue to be the reference for another season.

I remind you of my size: for 190 cm tall, 103 cm chest and 77 kg weight, size M is my choice.

Good route!

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