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In this article: review and opinion of the GOBIK Pacer Solid Jet Black 2021 long sleeve jersey.

On our page we already analyzed the Pacer jersey in its day. Why then a new review you will ask yourself? Is Solid Jet Black not just another color? We say no, it is much more than that, it is possible that we are facing an important change in GOBIK and its way of interpreting long sleeve jerseys. And we are not only talking about a more sober design, perfect for any cycling wardrobe, also about materials and fit that breaks with everything seen so far in the Spanish brand.

A revolution at GOBIK? It has all the earmarks of it.


Comfort and fit are not enemies

Traditionally, a long-sleeved jersey was either comfortable and baggy, or it was tight and uncomfortable. It is the first time in a long time that we have tried one that offers us incredible comfort with a slim fit, adapted to our body without making bags or wrinkles. Its touch is soft like cotton, warm, with a sensation that envelops and protects you that is very difficult to explain. Responsible for this is a micropolyamide fabric with a «peach» feel according to Ángel Lencina, from the GOBIK production department, a material that adapts to the body like a second skin, precisely following the movements of the cyclist.


Timeless design

GOBIK has always displayed a vibrant color palette, bringing a lot of freshness to the cycling scene, but it is also commendable that they think of those other users who like a sober North European design. This new interpretation of the Pacer perfectly matches the cyclist who likes to dress stylishly but without attracting attention. Thanks to a beautiful black, with blue-gray details, Pacer Solid Jet Black becomes a basic of our outfits, easily combined with any other garment. Added to this is its design and magnificent fit, which exude class in abundance, it is a garment for a cycling gentleman.


In short

As we usually do, we go over all the details of the new Pacer from top to bottom, starting with its front.

We highlight the neck, with a loose and soft shape, perfect to be able to insert a bandana without feeling overwhelmed, and the zipper, with a beautiful bluish tone that makes a very good combination with black:


All the fabric of the garment is the same, of great elasticity and very good touch. As a differentiating detail the armpit, with an area of greater perspiration:


The sleeves end with a laser cut insert, with a good fit and perfect to slip into the gloves:


The entire lower internal part has a silicone band to prevent the garment from moving and is as tight as possible to the shorts. We can also appreciate the internal fabric, with a small hanger that provides warmth and comfort:


On the back there is the usual reflective upper strip:


In the lumbar area, novelties, we no longer have the traditional GRS system, instead, we have chosen to merge all the pockets, creating a single piece, and with the detail of the right mesh pocket, something ideal to store for example the mobile phone, since it prevents sweat condensation:


And as a nice additional detail, a fourth pocket, also made of mesh, appears on the right side. A perfect place to store energy bar and gel wrappers:


On Route

The first time we wore this Pacer Solid Jet has stuck in our minds. The crush was instantaneous. That feeling of warmth and adaptation we had not appreciated before. It is clear that behind this garment there is a very good product engineering and a careful selection of materials. It seems magic how it adapts to the body and how well it fits. It’s hard to explain until you try it.


We have made our usual routes with cool temperatures around 10 ºC, complementing Pacer with a first layer of Merino. We have not had any thermal problems in this regard. Although the garment is not windproof, its good warmth makes up for this detail. And if the day is really windy, you can always use a vest to further increase your temperature range.


The verdict

Impossible to remain silent when you try on this Pacer Solid Jet Black, it’s that easy. The development work of GOBIK with this garment is admirable, its fabric spectacular, its fit, maybe we are seeing the fruits of R&D for Team UAE? All rounded with a clear nod to the sobriety and purity of lines, where the style stands out on its own. A new step forward in GOBIK design? We take it for granted.

As for the sizing, I have been able to try sizes M and L, and I fit perfectly in both due to the extraordinary elasticity (my measurements are 105 cm chest, 1.90 m height and 77 kg of weight). If you want to use it a lot in winter, opt for a normal size, which allows you to wear inner layers.

Good route!

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