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GOBIK updates for this summer 2021 the Carrera jersey, its most technical model created to date. With a combination of fabrics that maximizes aerodynamic performance, we find a garment with an ultra-tight cut and maximum breathability, ideal for the hottest months and the highest competition.

The Carrera is a unisex model with 4 styles or colors on sale for this season (Warm Series 2021):

In this article we analyze the Scout version in depth and tell you all its details. Prepared?


Carrera Airlines

When a jersey is designed with the aim of being aerodynamic, we already know a priori what we are going to find: fabrics with little wind resistance and a super tight fit, which does not make bags or allow air to penetrate inside. The Carrera perfectly complies with these postulates. It belongs to the Ultra Fit size of the Spanish manufacturer, that is: garments with an extremely slim fit. As if that were not enough, it is the lightest jersey of the manufacturer (108 g size M).

Starting with the front, we see that the entire central part and sleeves are made of a highly breathable textured fabric, but which has also been designed to reduce aerodynamic resistance:


The collar presents an extra soft material and the zipper is perfectly embedded, being hidden:


The sleeves end in a large laser-cut silicone insert that hugs the arm and prevents air from entering:


The lower part of the jersey doest not have the classic inner silicone strip, instead a textured fabric band attaches the jersey to the culotte:


Regarding the back, we appreciate again a change in fabric: here it is practically smooth with a small perforations, which ensures good air flow and breathability:


We finish at the bottom with the detail of the back pockets, with the classic GOBIK system that ensures good storage capacity and excellent retention:


On Route

We have tested the Carrera on our usual test roads, but this time with the warm temperatures of May at the east coast of Spain. The first thing that caught our attention is the extraordinary fit of the garment. It is like a glove, adapting to every corner of the body and avoiding the appearance of bags. Probably the most aerodynamic jersey we’ve tested to date.


The front part is significantly shorter than the back, which also prevents the abdomen from being too loose when we are on the bike, with our hands gripping the handlebars. Highlight the good length of the sleeves, which are also perfectly fitted to the arm by the large elastic:


The rear part is perfectly attached to us, with the entire upper area in aerodynamic fabric and the pockets at the bottom well sealed, without gaps or folds:


The perspiration and ventilation are excellent, you can see the great work in the selection of fabrics by the designers of the garment. The only detail that we would improve would be the inclusion of a silicone band at the bottom, sometimes we have had to reposition this part of the jersey.

Our opinion

The Carrera is undoubtedly a technical garment of the highest level, made with care and where the aerodynamics and slim fit are simply spectacular. This does not compromise comfort, because at no time have we felt overwhelmed or limited by this Ultrafit cut. It is a perfect jersey for the new generation of road bikes, where aerodynamics are carefully designed to offer the minimum resistance to advance.

Regarding the sizing, if you are a regular of the brand, do not be afraid to request the same size that you usually use. Yes, it’s going to be a tighter fit, but that’s what the Carrera is all about. In our case with 1.90 m, 76 kg and 103 cm of chest, size M is perfect. If you do not like to go so tight, wear one size more than other models.

Good route!

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