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The Cobble jersey is a classic in GOBIK‘s winter range, with several years behind it, each version improves the last, becoming one of the most successful garments of the Spanish manufacturer. It is a medium thickness jersey, with fleece throughout its interior, which makes it a warm garment, ideal as a second layer.

For this winter 2020-2021, it is presented in 8 different colours, 6 for men and 2 for women. In this review we tested the Newport version, in an elegant dark green shade with white sleeves and lime green details.

Update: for the 2021-2022 season Cobble releases new colors. You can see them in this post.


New features for 2020-2021 season

We already know the good work and care for the details of GOBIK, but when you have a garment in your hands, you realize that it is great with quality wherever you look at it, with innumerable details. And every year, they improve its quality and performance.

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We have new features on different parts. Starting at the top, the neck area has increased in size and the new injected zipper is more resistant and is complemented by a lower insert. Both of these improvements make better protection for the rider avoiding cold air intake:


Detail of the rack, with an excellent performance that has not caused any problem in several routes:


The cuffs are finished in laser cut neoprene. Its fit is sensational, it reminds us the ankle area of the Absolute 4.0 bib tights. This material «sticks» to the glove and cuts off the cold air intake greatly:


At the bottom, a silicone band will prevent the jersey from moving:


At the back, the classic and patented GRS (Gobik Retention System) with three reinforced angular cut pockets, with a new textured fabric to favor air dissipation. When you try these pockets you realize that someone has invested a lot of time designing this, because they are capable of holding a lot of material without deforming the garment or losing comfort, the best on the market:


As if that were not enough, another great detail by including a fourth zippered pocket, to store documentation, money, keys:


This first look at the Cobble leaves us with an unbeatable taste in our mouths.

On Route

We have tested the jersey in winter routes with cold (8 ºC/46 ºF) and very cold (3 ºC/37 ºF) temperatures. This is more than it should take at first, but we have had no problems incorporating a merino base layer and a vest on the descents. And here is the key to this garment, combining it with others to adapt to the outside temperature. It is a jersey that gives a lot of play and I would almost allow myself to say that, if you are not cold, it would be your jersey for the whole winter in temperate areas such as the Spanish East, even without a jacket.


The fit is unbeatable, with an aero character that streamlines and minimizes wind resistance. It does not move, it is not baggy, it does not make strange folds and it keeps us warm and dry, by evacuating sweat with great success.


What is the ideal temperature range?

In the blog post comparison of the GOBIK winter tops, you can see all the models ordered by temperature of use, protection against wind and water.

Cobble occupies position 4 out of 6, it is therefore one of the intermediate garments and perhaps for this reason, it is one of the most versatile and sold, since it is a kind of wild card, with which we can play together with other layers depending on whether you are looking for: more protection against wind, water or simply greater thermal comfort.

We want to emphasize that the fabric has a certain degree of protection against the wind, but does not include a specific membrane as jackets do.

Who is the GOBIK Cobble for?

Cyclists who like garments with a tight fit, aero, who live in temperate or medium winter areas, with positive temperatures. If you are cold on the bike, perhaps the Supercobble model, which incorporates a windproof membrane, is better for you. And if your area has a harsh winter, with temperatures around zero degrees, the Skimo PRO jacket is the most suitable.

In my case, 1.90 m tall and 77 kg, size L is perfect for me.

Good route!

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