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The GOBIK CX PRO is one of the most famous and sold jerseys of the Spanish brand. It combines 4 different fabrics to provide good aerodynamics, excellent breathability, very light weight and a second skin fit. It is a Unisex model, which for this summer season 2021 (Warm Series 21) is presented in 8 versions or colors (we leave out the special editions):

  • Obsidian, black.
  • Bora, with combinations and gradients of navy blue.
  • Amazonian, in orange, white and army green.
  • Quay, white and navy.
  • Long Beach, in black and purple gradient.
  • Myrtle, in olive green, black and white.
  • Betta, in red gradient.
  • Avocado, in a green fluorine.

In this article, we take an in-depth look at the Avocado version. Sit back and enjoy.


The reference jersey

We can say that CX PRO is the middle ground of GOBIK jerseys, a model that combines many characteristics of its higher-end brothers, but with a lower price, medium weight (120 g size M) and a not so tight fit (Perfect Fit).

In a general view we can appreciate the beautiful color of this version Avocado, which in effect reminds us of the interior of this fruit/vegetable:


In the upper front part we can see a V-shaped neck with a soft fabric that helps eliminate friction in this area. The classic hidden GOBIK zipper is the same as the top models, which will provide us with good aerodynamics. The entire front fabric also contributes to it, with a smooth material that will channel the wind well:

The fabric of the sleeves is micro-perforated, which allows heat to evacuate very well. The 4 cm of laser-cut lycra that fits our arms like a glove stand out. It is silicone-free, to reduce sweat:

The lower area has a perforated silicone tape so that the jersey does not move anything:


On the back, we have the same fabric that covers the sleeves, ensuring great breathability. The reflective strip will increase our visibility and safety:


In the lumbar area, the 3 rear pockets integrate the patented GRS (Gobik Retention System), a true wonder that allows us to load a lot of material with the security of not losing it:


As a summary we can say that the CX PRO is a perfect jersey, including some of the high-end technologies.

On Route

With summer knocking on our doorstep, we have tested the CX PRO on our usual road and gravel routes, with demanding slopes and lasting 4-5 hours. Temperatures have not dropped below 25ºC (77ºF) in the central hours, some days rising above 30ºC (86ºF). We have no complaints with the breathability of the garment, we found it excellent. We have always used it with the Second Skin as a first layer.


The fit of the jersey is Perfect Fit, a GOBIK category that is at the manufacturer’s midpoint. Below the Ultra Fit models such as Attitude and Carrera, and above Regular Fit, such as Stark. We liked it a lot, because we felt it very comfortable and not at all baggy.


Our opinion

CX PRO is a perfect jersey to use daily, both in training sessions and in demanding outings, but, yes, you have to bear in mind that the superior models have an extra breathability as they are even tighter and more adjusted to your skin. It also lacks some extras from other models, such as the zippered pocket, the zipper placket, the super breathable mesh fabrics … If you can do without them, in return you will have an off-road jersey with a better price and many colors where to choose.

As always, I tell you my size. For a height of 1.90 m, a weight of 76 kg, and a 103 cm chest, size M is perfect for not packing a small bag.

Good route!

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