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The GOBIK CX PRO long sleeve jersey is a great classic within the range of the Spanish manufacturer. It is a highly technical garment, focused on maximum performance, with an aerodynamic and tight cut where lightness prevails, the feeling of being a second skin and obtaining the maximum possible breathability. For this 2020-2021 collection, GOBIK has provided it with 4 different fabrics, optimizing its fit to ensure that it adapts to our body in the best way.

CX PRO is available in 3 versions, all unisex. In our analysis we tested the Jungle version, with very intense orange tones. The Portland version is also available, in amber, brown and blue colors; and the Black Lead version, in black.

Update: for the 2021-2022 season CX PRO long sleeve releases new colors. You can see them in this post.


A second skin jersey

The first sensation you perceive when you wear the CX PRO is its great elasticity and lightness. It seems that it doesn’t weigh anything and it adapts to our body with a very tight fit, always looking for performance and professional use of the garment, with great comfort to spend long hours on the bike.

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The fabric of the sleeves is a second skin, there are no pleats, there are no bags. The cuffs, laser cut, surround our wrists without the air penetrating inside, offering perfect aerodynamics:


The waist part also receives new features, with a larger silicone strap, which improves the fit and prevents it from moving:


The new inverted zipper is hidden in the garment, leaving it very clean and giving a smoother appearance to the entire chest area:


In the lumbar area, again the unbeatable GRS (Gobik Retention System) pockets, which allows us to fill them to unsuspected limits without deforming the jersey. This time we do not have an extra zippered pocket, its orientation to maximum performance discourages it:


The entire GOBIK 2021 collection has details everywhere, such as this reflective tape, which also fulfills a visibility and safety function:


On Route

Taking advantage of weeks of good weather in eastern Spain, we have made several outings with the CX PRO, complementing its use with an inner layer of merino and a vest on the outside. If you’ve used GOBIK summer jerseys, you can get a quick idea of how this one feels, as it is like a summer jersey with long sleeves.


Its recommended temperature range is 18-25 ºC (64-77 ºF), therefore it is ideal for sunny days in spring/autumn. It has excellent perspiration, we could almost wear it in summer if we are not very hot, as they say in my town: what covers the cold, covers the heat.

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Our opinion

We have found it to be an extraordinarily comfortable garment, with a tight fit, yes, but at no time does it press or stretch us. It is perfect for cyclists looking for an aerodynamic cut, that does not bag or offer extra resistance to the wind. With the CX PRO you can be sure that you are not going to waste watts for this reason.

My size is L, for measurements 1.90 m (74″) in height and 77 kg (169 lbs) in weight. In my case, the sleeves could be 1-2 cm longer to be perfect, but it is not very problematic either.

Good route!

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