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Stark is GOBIK‘s low-price jersey. With the brand’s most «looser» fit, called Regular Fit, this is a very comfortable garment that, maintaining the manufacturer’s traditional fitted fit, adapts better than the rest of the range to most complexions. There is a specific version for men and women, in addition to presenting a wide range of colors:

Male Models:

  • Black Lead, black.
  • Blaze, in black and orange/red sleeves.
  • Turkana, in dark green tones with orange sleeves.
  • Latittude, in navy blue and white sleeves.
  • Eivissa, in a turquoise blue gradient.

Female models:

  • Mallow, in navy blue and white sleeves.
  • Reef, in a coral gradient and white sleeves.
  • Maldives, in a turquoise blue and purple gradient.
  • Sulphur, in fluorine yellow.

In this article we analyze in detail the male version Stark Eivissa, in a color that indeed reminds us of the Ibizan islands.

Your first GOBIK jersey

Stark has been for many amateur cyclists their first GOBIK jersey. With the most comfortable fit provided by the brand, we are faced with a light (116 g size M) and very functional garment, with all the essence of the higher range jerseys but at a very good price, based on the quality it treasures.

This Eivissa version is a real spectacle for our eyes, with a turquoise blue gradient that makes us fall in love at first sight and makes us evade those incredible beaches of Ibiza, ideal for our summer routes.


The upper part has a straight neck, made of a soft fabric to avoid chafing. The zipper in this case is not as minimalist as that of its high-end brothers, and we settle for larger teeth of the VISLON type (molded plastic), with a less aerodynamic profile but that really works very well and does not give problems:


Although it is a first-price garment, we see how the fabric of the torso and sleeves is different. The first is an elastic micro fiber, which adapts well to our body, while the second has more pronounced perforations to improve perspiration:


The sleeve ends end in an elastic that adapts to our arms, although it is much smaller and lacks the laser cut of the upper models:


The lower part incorporates a classic silicone tape so that the jersey does not rise or move:


The back has the same fabric as the front:


The upper area incorporates a reflective strip and the classic motifs from the 2021 range of GOBIK:


In the lumbar area, a great detail, as it incorporates the same GRS (GOBIK Retention System) as the high-end models. It is one of the best storage solutions we have tested, with a lot of capacity and security, we will never lose anything. Another reflective strip increases our visibility even more:


In short, a jersey that presents some glimpse of higher ranges, but that is content to offer a comfortable fit and a construction and details that are very correct for its price.

On Route

We have tested Stark with summer already upon us, in the middle of June in Spain, with temperatures between 25-35ºC (77-95ºF). They are 5ºC more than the maximum that GOBIK recommends for this garment (30). Although we have noticed more heat than with superior models, it has not been worrying, and the garment performs well in breathability tasks.


Its regular fit is comfortable and less tight than other models. For example, comparing the same size of the Stark with the Carrera, we see that it takes between 1-2 cm of contour. Also its wearing reminds us more of the jerseys of a lifetime, the most classic adjustment of the sleeves, the silicone band at the waist, the big zipper … things of the first price garments, although everything works perfectly.


Our opinion

Stark is a wide purpose jersey, it is designed to reach the general public, with a tight fit, which is the brand of the house, but without reaching the extreme fit of the superior models. Here the aerodynamics goes to a second or third plane. Also its fabrics are not so advanced, but it is not something that the standard cyclist is going to miss. It performs well, integrating some high-end touches (GRS system) at a fantastic price. Undoubtedly a top seller from GOBIK.

As we have already mentioned, it has a very standard size, therefore using the manufacturer’s size guides you should not have problems. If you come from superior jerseys, you can try to order a size less, to notice the same fit. In my case, with 1.90 m, 76 kg and 103 cm of chest, size M is the one I used for this review.

Good route!

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